Kremlin set


The set Kremlevsky (The Kremlin)

In the middle of the 20th century the glassmakers from Dyatkovo manufactured one of the most well-known and multiunit luxurious sets. This set consisting of many items was designed at the request of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, tables during the Soviet epoch were served, and top-rank receptions in the Alexander and Catherine halls of the Kremlin have been served with it till now.

All the items of the set Kremlevsky attract with their decors executed with elements of the traditional Maltsov facet, that reveals solemn volumes and silhouettes of the items. For decades connoisseurs of the beauty of crystal ware have been accentuating the inimitable, particularly pure jingle of this crystal. It is impossible to elicit such melodious sounds with a mellow trail from any domestic or foreign analogue.

The set Kremlevsky has become a worthy continuer of the famous traditions laid by glass masters in the remote 18th century, when the founder of the Maltsov dynasty Vasily was entrusted with a task to produce different items for the Tsar’s table appointments.

Maltsov crystal products decorated the daily and festive table of the Tsar’s residences: . the utilization of crystal items during the meals and in the rooms, in the Winter palace, in Tsarskoye Selo, on Yelagin island, in Gatchina, in Krasnoye Selo and about dispatch of set Maltsov for 200 persons from the local service room to Tsarskoye Selo....

Just imagine… the outstanding talent, creativity of the glass masters, the beauty, created with their hands and love are recognized by history…


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Maltsov crystal has always distinguished itself for its high artistic merits, strict harmony of forms and decors, purity of materials, perfect quality of finishing. Its characteristic feature is a special faceting stile, elaborated in the life years of the factory. These qualities were highly appreciated by the Tsars. As far back as in the 18th century the founder of the Maltsov dynasty Vasily was entrusted with a task to manufacture different items to lay the Tsar's table. A hundred years later Maltsov crystal decorated the daily and festive table of the Tsar's residences: in the Winter palace, in Tsarskoe Selo, on Yelagin island, in Gatchina and in Krasnoe Selo.