Sweet tooth vase on the tile


The vase Sweet tooth will become a centerpiece for any table served with sweets because it’s a very essential part of festive and domestic celebrations. It will help to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere and adorn any celebration. The compactness and abundance of diamond cutting and the traditional Russian jewels allow it to perfectly fit in with a festive table setting. This vase is ideal for hospitable housewives who value not only the beauty of things but can perfectly communicate it to others.


creation collection The Palace
Maltsov crystal has always distinguished itself for its high artistic merits, strict harmony of forms and decors, purity of materials, perfect quality of finishing. Its characteristic feature is a special faceting stile, elaborated in the life years of the factory. These qualities were highly appreciated by the Tsars. As far back as in the 18th century the founder of the Maltsov dynasty Vasily was entrusted with a task to manufacture different items to lay the Tsar's table. A hundred years later Maltsov crystal decorated the daily and festive table of the Tsar's residences: in the Winter palace, in Tsarskoe Selo, on Yelagin island, in Gatchina and in Krasnoe Selo.