White nights service for hard drinks


The nobleness of crystal in this manufacture is emphasized through its insignificant transparency, the abundance of diamond cutting and elegance of silhouettes.

The romantic atmosphere with soft and subdued lighting of white nights, freshness of rivers and canals in St. Petersburg creates a relationship between young Sergey Ivanovich Maltsov and Princess Anastasia Nikolaevna Urysova, who became his wife. The set White nights is the reflection of sincere feelings, the purity of intentions and high ideals of the early XIX century. In our pragmatic and hurried time, this service can express many things…


creation collection The Nevsky
The Maltsov dynasty is connected in many respects with Saint Petersburg, with its majestic and staid Neva river. According to a noble custom both Maltsovs – Ivan Akimovich and Sergey Ivanovich joined the army after they had got an excellent education. They did military service in the capital. The elder rose to the rank of the second-major and Sergey Ivanovich who had been sent to do his service to the School of guard ensigns in Saint Petersburg graduated from it successfully and after that he was recruited as an adjutant attached to the his Highness prince Pyotr Georgievich Oldeburgsky rose to the rank of the major-general.