Grace set


The set Grace

From time immemorial the creative search of crystal masters endowed with special magical powers drew their attention to the beauty and specific character of the charming Russian nature. Vegetable motives in the set Grace along with the classical Russian jewel make it really graceful, light and original. Due to a number of different items in the set Grace one can lay the table in a single style, demonstrate a taintless taste and the adherence to classical style.

The set Grace is intented for those ones who can see the surrounding beauty, appreciate the joy of life.


creation collection The Russian estate
The Maltsovs firmly stroke roots in the Bryansk ueyzd (district) at the end of the 18th century. As the sole master of the glass factories Ivan Akimovich Maltsov extended the old manor house turning it into a two-storey mansion, and he attached to it two symmetrical wings. The cozy estate was surrounded by umbrageous paths, a well-attended garden and a small lake. An inherent feature of men is to arrange the world around themselves, to bring it nearer to their speculative ideals. Our home is a shelter for tranquility and inspiration where one can take cover from everyday hardships, plunge into the world of simple human joy, into the whirl of pleasant affairs and entertainment.