Elisaveta Merkuryevna Bem

Collection history

In 1864 she graduated from the School of Painting at the Society for Promotion of Artists with the silver medal in Saint Petersburg. She was known as an illustrator of children books, folk fairy tales and works by Russian classical writers. A special popularity she gained as a silhouette artist. In 1893 she began to design forms and patterns for crystal products at Maltsov factory in Dyatkovo. The uniqueness of her masterpieces was highly appreciated at the international fairs in Chicago in 1893 and in Paris in 1900. The author and factory were awarded with the Gold medals for the beauty of their works of art, variety of decorative elements, a high artistic level of the revived Byzantine and national styles. Alexander III who liked the Russian style had the washing set Eagle in his summer residence in Gatchina. It was produced at Dyatkovo crystal plant after Elisaveta Bem’s draft in 1890. Nowadays, the washing set Eagle is kept at the State Hermitage Museum. Elisaveta Bem’s works of art are kept also at the State Historical Museum, the State Russian Museum, in Pavlovsk and in Peterhof, they are put up for sale at SOTHEBY’S and CHRISTIE’S.
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